Paradise Dry LX

MRP $24.99

Enjoy the depths with Paradise Dry LX's 100% submersible snorkel featuring Pivot-Dry technology that seals to keep water out of the breathing tube. This snorkel also features a full-flex, drop-away section and a silicone mouthpiece for the most comfortable fit.

  • 100% submersible dry top snorkel with Pivot-Dry technology
  • Full-flex section and hypoallergenic Silicone mouthpiece for optimum fit and maximum comfort
  • Easy-clear purge valve

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Aqua Lung Sport snorkels are loaded with features and technologies with one goal in mind: your comfort. From surface protective Splash Guard tops to innovative Dry Tops that seal as you dive down to explore the sea floor, we've got a snorkel that fits your adventurous style!

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